Summer Float Challenge Review


With the Heroic Summer Float Challenge coming to a close, Dylan is spilling the beans on the metrics! He’s prepared the data and talks about costs, number of participants, conversions to membership, and how far into the challenge participants are going. He also reflects on what he would like to do differently next year to improve marketing and increase participation.

Facebook always tells you to boost that post, but should you? Dylan talks why he boosted some posts but not others throughout the campaign and what he sees in the purpose of a boosted post. Amy shares why she opts not to boost posts and talks about how she utilizes Power Editor to create, edit, and fire off ads.

Amy announced the name of her second center this week, Float Alchemy, and also began sharing her stunning branding. She’s currently in the phase of finding a general contractor and talks how the boom in Nashville is being reflected in her estimates. She shares her advice on what to do when bombarded with inflated, unrealistic estimates. Amy gets the keys to the building that will be Float Alchemy on August 1st and is using this momentous occasion as the kick-off for the center’s social media presence.

Amy’s new logo work

With Float Con right around the corner, Dylan and team Float Shoppe are making sure the center is in tip-top shape for the many visitors. He talks about prioritizing what needs to be done in the coming weeks. He’s also relaunched the Float Shoppe’s blog with the goal of boosting awareness and raising SEO.

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