Veterans & Crowdfunding w/ Matthew Gangloff


Dylan is off being a brand new Dad, so co-owner of Art of the Float Brian, joins Amy and Lance to chat with Matthew Ganglof of Enlyten Labs. Matthew is a veteran of the military as well as being a float center owner and found a passion for helping veterans through floating. He is just starting his float center and decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund it. We discuss the pros and cons of crowdfunding, how float owners can help the veteran community, how to approach veterans apprehensive about floating, and the power of finding your passion.

Amy and Brian talk time management apps and Lance shared his brand new logo and branding. We answer a question from a listener about water treatment and filter options and listen to a Speakpipe from Greg Ellis.


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Consulting information with Dylan
Enlyten Lab’s kickstarter
Enlyten Lab’s Facebook Page
Enlyten Lab’s veteran’s float scholarships
(How To Build a Startup – Business Model Canvas)


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