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This week, our hosts deliberate the happenings and relevant matters from this past week. In their most recent staff meeting at the Float Shoppe, Dylan covered emergency procedures with employees and is curious to see what protocols Amy, Lance, and others have in place. What do you do when a fire or blackout occurs while clients are in float tanks? Where’s the best place for these procedures to be kept in your center?

For the first time since opening, Amy is having to raise the prices at Float Nashville. Dylan shares how the Float Shoppe handled their recent price increase and what he observed from client reactions.  

If you’re in the planning stages of developing your center, it’s a smart idea to include a consultant who has been through the process before, who specializes in float-specific details like soundproofing, and who can help you avoid some mistakes. How do you find someone who you jive with and who understands your vision? How much should you pay for their time? Perhaps you’re one of those experienced leaders considering putting yourself out there as a consultant…get in on this discussion!

Being overwhelmed. The feeling of spinning so many plates and managing so many projects that you’re not doing any of it as well as you’d like. Amy and Dylan are feeling it acutely. Our hosts discusses how to navigate through this feeling to create action.

Finally, we listen to your Speakpipes! Daniel Haynes of Senseless Float asks how to encourage floaters to stay and decompress post-float before heading out the door. For any centers who use bromine, Dan Larsen from Oly Float explains the role that SpaGuard Spa Shock plays in measuring accurate levels of bromine.

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