The Big Software Episode


It’s the software episode! Dylan, Amy, and Lance discuss which softwares, apps, programs, and services they utilize within their centers to keep things running smoothly, everything from file storage, project management, and communication to social media management, scheduling, website building, and even lobby music! With different centers having unique needs and budgets, we’re fortunate to have a plethora of services to pick from.

Does your center have a dress code for employees? Dylan brings up that although there are unwritten guidelines at the Float Shoppe, nothing has made it yet to the employee manual and asks for input from Amy and Lance. How about employees that smoke? Is it possible to implement etiquette and guidelines to ensure that clients don’t come in contact with smoke breathe?

Stay tuned to the end to hear about the FLOATATHON put on by the Canadian Float Collective!

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2 responses to “The Big Software Episode”

  1. Jared Schindler Avatar
    Jared Schindler

    I just wanted to say your podcast has been a god send for me. I just started working at a new float center that is only 6 months old and still finding it’s way. We are encountering new challenges and obstacles daily and I’ve found so many answers and ideas from your discussions. Thank you!

  2. Jackson! Avatar

    So glad that Lance mentioned Flux!!! I actually use it on a specific setting so that it’s always set like its the middle of the night and it help if you are in front of your PC semi often as the really bright whites(aka the internet) can be not the best for your eyesight in general. Also brightness settings and stuff can help but turning on flux to max is magic and really really helps tone down with pages like google that are all white.

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