Shoshana Leibner Interview


In addition to running Float Dreams, a consulting company for float center operators, Shoshana is deeply involved with crucial issues and important research happening right now in the industry. The daughter of Glenn and Lee Perry, the creators of the Samadhi float tank, Shoshana has been floating and working in the industry since she was a teenager. Now, her work focuses on ensuring that the industry keeps moving in the right direction.

Shoshana spearheaded the magnesium research that’s currently being conducted at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR). Are we really absorbing magnesium in the float tank?! Shoshana shares how the research is going and when we can expect to have results!

Another critical issue in the industry right now is the potential development of NSF certifications for float tanks. Shoshana lets us in on what’s been happening at the meetings and how she feels such certification requirements could impact our industry. For anyone interested in being involved, Shoshana has that info for you, including how to join the efforts of the Float Tank Association (FTA).

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9 responses to “Shoshana Leibner Interview”

  1. Oskar Avatar

    Bro, you’re way too stressed. Let the person you are interviewing reply. The listener isn’t interested in hearing you say “uhuh” “yeah” “cool” “excellent” “wow” and so on. Some times you didn’t even let her reply before you said “wow” or whatever. You aren’t the focus, your reaction isn’t essential, the listener wants to hear you ask questions, possibly discuss something, but give the guest some space to actually reply. Listen to Joe Rogan and study his interview technique. You’re spoiling perfectly good interviews by interrupting all the time.

    1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

      Thank you for your feedback!
      I have to say that on this episode there was a major issue with the audio file changing speed. I mix together two audio files, my audio and hers, so with one changing speed it made matching them very difficult and time consuming. Shoshana and I are friends, so there wasn’t any stress during the interview, we had a good time talking. I think the stress came into play with the mixing of the files with a deadline to launch the episode. This means that often time it sounds like I am responding before she is done talking. unfortunately I have other obligations on top of the podcast, so it suffered in quality. I do attempt to hold myself to a very high standard with this show, but sometimes things come up that compromise it. The big water maintenance episode for example recorded from my laptop’s mic instead of my usual mic. this was terribly disappointing to me, but I learn and move forward.

      Again, I appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing more from you in the future. I’m all about improving this thing!

      1. Oskar Avatar

        Ooh, that explains it. Technology can get in the way sometimes. I hope it hasn’t been an issue since.

      2. LaMonte Avatar

        I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the way you handled that critic. I, like most other listener’s, could hear that there was some clear miss timings within the interview but I assumed they were do to an audio/video connectivity problem. While Oskar had a valid compliant, it was worded in a slightly hostile manner and I truly appreciate the way you responded. You folks are doing an amazing job with the podcast and I wouldn’t be close to where I am with my center if it weren’t for you amazing individuals. Keep up the great work and hopefully you can invite Soshana back for part 2.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Hi Dylan!
    Thank you for all you’re doing to help our industry.
    I’m curious to know if there was a follow-up interview about the research around magnesium absorption? Perhaps I missed it.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

      That research is still ongoing, but the murmur is that things are looking positive!

  3. Satori Avatar

    Hi Dylan-

    Great interview with awesome content! Very informative.

    Is there a way to listen to podcasts if one does not have FB or Titter?


    1. brianvp Avatar

      Yup! Each episode is posted to the blog at You can listen to the podcast using the embedded player or listen the podcast through most podcasting apps on your phone.

  4. Asen Avatar

    Shoshana is a great person and a guru of the floatation therapy. I respect hera a lot.

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