Earth Shaking Issues


It could happen to any of us. Your floaters suddenly disturbed by vibrations and thuds coming from a new construction project that’s just started nearby and coming out of their floats early. This is exactly what happened to floaters at The Float Shoppe last Monday morning, throwing Dylan and Sandra for quite a loop. After walking to the site to speak with the crew, they learned that this is a project that will going for the next year and, to say the least, has the potential to impact business. When nearby construction disrupts business, what do you do? Dylan shares what he and Sandra have already done to communicate with the construction crew and, depending on how the vibrations and noise persist, adjustments they may need to make to the business. Lance, having dealt with road construction right out front of the Float Shack, shares his experience and advice, particularly relating to how to handle to client complaints.

The gang also discusses a number of other trending topics, including an issue taken right out of Float Facilitators about soap dispensers, the seasonal sales dip that seems to occur around April, and creating a “selfie spot” somewhere within your center.   


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One response to “Earth Shaking Issues”

  1. Joey La Penna Avatar

    Oh man, that sucks, I know you and Sandra will find a way to work around the noise. We’re in the basement of a 3 story mixed use building and sometimes have to run upstairs to the Chinese restaurant to help place the furniture down lightly because of the vibrations. Changing your hours around the construction is a solution that I’m sure you discussed in the podcast, so I’ll button it up and give it a listen! Good luck you guys.
    What’s the story with the Float Facilitator page? Second time I sent them a request to join and it’s still pending. Do I need to know someone on the guest list??

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