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In the pursuit of getting floating covered by insurance in the West, it certainly looks like Canada is in the lead! Lance shares exciting progress made by the CFC in creating a manual about floating that will assist in getting acceptance from the NHPC. Also regarding insurance coverage, Amy reads a letter from a Float Nashville floater who has greatly benefited from floating following an injury but is having trouble getting insurance on board for assistance. Our hosts brainstorm ideas of what float centers can do in terms of documenting progress and healing in a way that would have meaning to insurance carriers.

In dealing with the medical community, how must we change our language and projected attitudes about floating so that it will have clinical value in Western medicine, particularly when it comes to the curiosity and possibility of blending floating and psychedelics? Or do we have to adjust at all? Dylan, Amy, and Lance share their perspectives.

A speakpipe from listener Jack asks our hosts about utilizing sales of retail products to progress the growth of the business. Our hosts share what retail products have been big sellers for them and what it’s meant financially.

Finally, in considering how to market your float center, knowing the demographics and psychographics of your community can help you best serve and connect with potential floaters. Our hosts review tools and strategies for learning about the demographics in your area and also how to connect with who they are as people and what their needs are. Knowing this can help steer your marketing in a purposeful way.

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