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You’ve heard Lance talk before on the show about his business coach, John Mackenzie, and how he’s been an integral part of the growth of The Float Shack, so we’ve invited John to join us on the show for a live interview! We ask John what a business coach is, how you know when it’s time to hire one, and what you should look for when hiring someone. Lance shares the process he and his business partner went through in order to find the right coach to help them with what they needed, goal setting, aligning their visions, and developing systems of communication.

John discusses the process that he takes business owners through of narrowing down the demographics and psychographics in order to identify one market to target at a time and why this process is so important to the process of converting prospects to clients to members to advocates.

Tracking data may not be something you’ve thought to do in your center, such as how many calls come in per day, but John tells us why developing systems to track such data is worthwhile and what you can do with that information.

Communication is key in any relationship, and John shares the test he uses to identify personality types so that business owners can not only understand their own strengths and weaknesses but also understand how their business partners and employees think and process ideas. As he points out, having opposite personality types in a team is a benefit when they learn how to support and communicate with each other. Finally, John shares the three questions you need to answer in order to run a successful business!

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  1. Greg Griffin Avatar


    Any idea why this episode isn’t available for download?


    1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

      It’s available for download now, sorry about that!

      1. Greg Griffin Avatar

        Sweet, thanks!

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