Membership Types & 30, 60, 90 Minute Floats


What’s the best membership option for your center? Also, what’s the right float time, 30, 60, or 90 minute floats?

But first, in our personal business news, a big change has been made to how yoga is offered at the Float Shoppe. Dylan discusses how it’s taken awhile to figure out the best way to offer yoga so that it’s a great program for clients but doesn’t eat up too much time and energy from he and Sandra. Amy, having noticed problems in the tiered membership structure at Float Nashville, shares why she’s switched to one float membership offering and why clients are loving it and signing up like crazy! With a strong desire to meet the needs and wants of all clients, our hosts discuss how to find balance between being flexible but not bending over backwards.

The consensus is that 90 minutes is the optimal amount of time for a float, but indeed there are benefits to both shorter and longer floats. Is it worth it to structure your center’s scheduling in a way that can make varied float times feasible? Dylan, Amy, and Lance have all struggled with this question over the years, making adjustments to their offerings. Hear why they’ve each found that offering only 90 minute floats is what’s best for their center and also provides the best experience to clients.

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