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With so many different brands of products available for float center owners to choose from, our hosts share which they use in their centers and why. But first, Lance tells a story of how kindness and goodwill has led to exciting news for The Float Shack! Next, Dylan shares the first SpeakPipe Voicemail the team has received… This is a special one. Then, Dylan, Lance, and Amy discuss which they agree and disagree are the best brands of products for clients, for tank water, and for budgeting. Do foam or silicone earplugs offer the best fit, and which brands offer the economical option of repeated use? Is Dr. Bronner’s body wash worth the price tag? Finally, Lance changes his stance on whether or not neck pillows should be encouraged for floaters.

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Floataway (Sponsor)
Putty Buddies

Body Wash
Dr. Bronner’s
Essential Wholesale

Petroleum Jelly

Room Spray
Eucalyptus Steam Oil

yeahbaby, Cloud 9 Spa Slipper

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3 responses to “Float Room Products”

  1. Devon & Julie Avatar

    Your show is great. Julie and myself Devon love listening together as we drive into Kelowna weekly to go float at Float Space!!
    We are currently in the mix to get our own float center running in Penticton. All the information is great so far!!
    Cant wait to meet you all at next years conference or sometime sooner if permits.
    Lance, your the only one I havn’t met from the Float shack. (This is Devon typing). I had my first float at your shop in Red Deer and since then Ive been hooked. Had the pleasure of meeting Cole and Mathew and they are great as well.
    Cant wait for the next ep.
    You can check on our progress by following us on social media. oGoFloat is our name. We will be posting all updates as they happen and document our build out when it starts.
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Greg Avatar

    I found a website where you can purchase the Yeah Baby Cloud 9 Sandals that Lance was talking about at the wholesale price of $10.50 a pair. http://www.universalcompanies.com/search/?q=yeah%2bbaby

    1. Greg Avatar

      You can also purchase the Yeah Baby Sandals for the same price of $10.50 a pair from http://www.purespadirect.com/ You may have to call to place the order over the phone though.

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