AoF_Zaremba_LogoIn a special interview with Andy Zaremba, creator of the #WhyWeFloat campaign, Andy shares why he started floating, the role that floating has played in his own personal journey, and how that led him to open Float House. We hear how his innovative marketing strategies from the beginning of Float House have led him to the #WhyWeFloat campaign. With the increasing press surrounding floating, he discusses how important it is that we take ownership of how floating is marketed to the general public.

How do you structure float memberships within your center? Dylan, Lance, and Amy share what they have done in the past, what they do now, and why they’ve made changes to meet the needs of customers. Our hosts also tell us how they handle expiration dates and whether or not they use them. Finally, are deals like Groupon and Living Social helping or hurting our industry?

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Floataway www.floataway.com (sponsor)
Andy Zaremba, andy@floathouse.ca
Float House www.floathouse.ca
#WhyWeFloat www.whywefloat.com

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