The Art of Floating Podcast – Teaser Episode!


Thanks to everyone who has supported me up to this point. Your encouragement and faith has meant the world to me. Please join me in my next project: The Art of Floating Podcast.

In this introductory episode of The Art of Floating Podcast, we find out what to expect from the new podcast designed for float center owners (and those who are working on starting their own center). Dylan describes the format of the show, what to expect in episodes and plays a few snippets from interviews in upcoming episodes. First we hear from Andy Zaremba, co-owner of Float House and the originator of the #WhyWeFloat campaign. Next we hear from Colleen Wohlrab, lab manager at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research. Colleen describes what information they gather from subjects, post-float.

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2 responses to “The Art of Floating Podcast – Teaser Episode!”

  1. James Millman Avatar

    When using the h2o2 test strips, are you testing the water in the tank or the product in the bottle? I know silly yeah? Well how about chlorine do you use chlorine in your tanks or just UV and peroxide?

    1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

      Hi James! I don’t think there are any silly questions when it comes to running a float center. Almost nothing is obvious! To answer your question, we are testing the water. The H2O2 should always be at or near the 35% listed on the label. We want to know the parts per million that are in the water our clients will be floating in.
      I don’t believe any of us (Amy, Lance and myself) use Chlorine. I have heard that’s been a very difficult one to get readings on in float tank water because of the salinity.

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