Black Carpet, Salty Float Center


The flooring in your float rooms is going to be a top priority in the design and construction of your float center, but what about the floors around the rest of your center? You wouldn’t expect a float center to have black carpet, yet that’s exactly what we have running down the hall that leads to all our float rooms.

Earlier this week our vacuum cleaner got jammed and I didn’t have time to troubleshoot it for about 5 days. After a quick fix of pulling out some jammed gunk, I vacuumed our upstairs hall with its black carpet runner and was amazed by how easily this carpet went from funky to almost brand new looking.

imageHere is a before shot of a highly trafficked area directly in front of our Tranquility Room. What we have found is that the salt tends to burrow in between the fibers of carpet. The picture above shows a lot of salt, but that is after 5 days of no vacuuming. Carpet will actually absorb quite a bit of salt before showing it on the surface.

Because of the salt shifting to the bottom, it can take some very thorough vacuuming to get everything up, but surprisingly that’s all it usually requires. There isn’t a ton of scrubbing a working at salt stains.

image_2Here you can see that there is a salt stain that is not coming up from the vacuum cleaner.

image_3I took a wet rag and lightly rubbed the salt stain.

image_5Seconds later the carpet is looking great and ready for customers!

While this is a fairly simple concept, I think it lends itself well to one thinking of the bigger picture of their float center. That it can be a cozy, homey place for your customers, and that the salt factor doesn’t have to be an overwhelming concept as you start your float center. If we can have black carpet still looking fresh two years after opening, you can have that rug, those drapes and that carpet you want in your center as well.

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4 responses to “Black Carpet, Salty Float Center”

  1. Laurie Bowers Avatar

    Hmm. I like the idea of rolling a runner down our hallway to muffle foot traffic but have been discouraged by the messy, corrosive nature of the salt. So I have a couple of questions for you. Whats the composition of your carpet? I have Turkish rugs that I have owned for 25 years that remain spot free because of the nature of the fibers and the tight weave the Turks worked into the rugs. Through dark beer, chili, puppies, red wine, children, etc the rugs remain gorgeous. On the other hand our bedroom carpet is state of the art, stain resistant, plush, wall to wall carpet that is stained after only a year. Whats the backing of your carpet look like? Any signs of rot?

    Great before and after shots, btw. This may be a silly question and you’ll have forgive as we are not yet up and running, but why are there big goopy drops of salt water in your hallway??

    Last question, has anyone tried shark skin brand sealer as a floor treatment in the float rooms? Thanks as always, Laurie

    1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

      Hi Laurie!

      I have no idea what the composition of our rug is, but you can’t find the exact one here:
      No signs of rot. They actually don’t get that wet generally, it’s just the salt reside that leaves it looking messy.
      As for your question of why there are big goopy drops… I wish I knew! That is a pretty rare one at our Shoppe, but I’d guess someone had to take a bathroom break and made those drips. For all I know it could have been an employee who spilled some water from a hydrometer. You wouldn’t actually know you made a mess until the water dried.
      I think the point is you ARE going to have salt water in your float center outside of your rooms. My goal of this post was to show you that the maintenance level doesn’t have to be especially high.
      As for Sharkskin, I haven’t tried that one, but every few months we test out a different sealer/slip resistant coating to see how they work. So far I haven’t been impressed by anything, but would love to know if someone else has hit the jackpot!

      Thanks for your questions Laurie, I hope my answers have been helpful!


  2. Luke Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this. Very reassuring to know.

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