Happy Holidays from The Art of Floating!



While we are taking a little break over the holidays, we thought we would take a minute to wish everyone a happy holiday, and also introduce the other two people who make the Art of Floating exist.

Brian looking for inspiration for his upcoming tiny home

Brian is everything behind the scenes. He is my editor, film and sound guy, idea organizer, IT guy.. basically he does everything except actually write the blog and stand in front of the camera. He has become a dear friend and business partner. If we go a week without seeing each other, we both feel like something is missing from our lives.







Sandra where she is happiest, outdoors

Sandra is my love, and my partner in life and business. She says during the video that she enjoys watching the Art of Floating develop from the sidelines, but make no mistake, when it comes to the Float Shoppe she is my other half. We would not be here today if it where not for each other, and this blog surely would not exist without her constant support.

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