Take a Video Tour of our Float Center


If you’ve never been able to visit the Float Shoppe, today you can take a virtual behind the scenes tour of our entire center.

This tour will walk you through our:

  • Front lobby
  • Zen Room
  • Massage Room
  • Acupuncture Room
  • Tranquility Room
  • Floatarium Room
  • Counseling Room
  • Infinity Room
  • Storage Spaces
  • Utility Room

Thank you for joining us today. If you have any questions about any of the rooms, please ask in the comments section below.

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6 responses to “Take a Video Tour of our Float Center”

  1. Jürgen Avatar

    Thank you for the tour. I just wanted to say what an absolutely awesome job all of you are doing, not only running what seems like a very nice space for healing and developing, but covering your “story” and sharing ideas, thoughts and info. Being in the process of building a float center in my head, which I hope to materialize within the next year or so, all of the info is invaluable for me.

    Best of luck and all the best (and a Merry Christmas!) from Estonia.

  2. Christian Avatar

    Hey Dylan – Thank you for the tour! Very helpful as we fine-tune our center.

    We’re struggling with laundry and wondering if you are happy with you situation. A commercial washer and dryer is almost 10x the cost of a residential model, and while certainly more robust, we can’t justify the cost. Are you happy with your laundry equipment? Do you send any laundry out or do you do it all in-house?

    Thank you again!


    1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

      Hi Christian! The more I think about your question, the more I realize it’s a really important questions and not super simple to answer! I’ll make a blog post to answer this and will try to make it next weeks post.

      How many float tanks will you have? Will you have any other modalities such as massage?

      1. Angelo Damianou Avatar
        Angelo Damianou

        Hi Dylan,
        Really enjoyed the tour:)
        We are in the process of making plans for a float centre with two or possibly three rooms. We are thinking of making our own float pools like the one in your infinity room but enclosing them in like an oceanfloat room.
        You mentioned that yours was custom made. can you advise or point us to some resources as to how this can be done please.
        With regards to the flooring in your float rooms. what modifications if any did you make to accommodate plumbing drains etc….
        looking forward to your response.
        All the best

        1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

          Hi Angelo! My description may have been a little misleading. We actually took a fully functional float tank and modified it to fit our needs. It started to like an ocean room and we dismantled most of it… So we basically did the opposite as what you want to do! We do not have plumbing in our rooms, and I regret that! I do know about drainage is both wood and cement floors though. If you’d like to chat more, please feel free to schedule a time to chat here https://artofthefloat.com/consulting/ or just email me directly and dylan@floatshoppe.com

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