Dylan’s Salty Mailbag


This week I’m dipping into the ‘ol mailbag!

This week we received a question regarding wooden bath mats, which strangely I have a lot of thoughts on.

Hello, Dylan,
When we visited after the conference, I remember looking at the bamboo grate/mat things you had on your floor and thinking that looked like a good idea. But now I’m looking online for them, and can’t find anything like it. Where did you get them, do you recall? Do you remember what they were called, even?


We wanted to have a clean upscale feel with our flooring at the Shoppe and decided upon tile for the floors. We knew there might be some slip issues, but thought we would figure it out along the way like so many other hurdles we had run into up to that point.

Initially I thought a clear liquid grip could be applied to the tile that would dry and provide the necessary friction to prevent customers from slipping. If someone has used this or a similar product successfully, please email me!

Since we haven’t yet found anything that works and doesn’t build up grime, we decided to put wooden mats down that would maintain the atmosphere of our float rooms. We place towels underneath the mats that not only absorb water throughout the day (we wash the floor towels at night and put fresh ones on the ground the following morning), but they also provide grip for the mats so they don’t slip around.

teak matWhat we have found is that grated platforms with any kind of glaze can be just as slippery as tile. In the end we found that teak without any glaze is the best for stability. While teak tends to run on the expensive side, it can be found discounted online (such as the one we have) or even on sale locally (yay for supporting small business!).

This has been Dylan’s Mailbag, where you find the answers to all your float tank, water, and relationship questions! Until next time, stay salty!


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6 responses to “Dylan’s Salty Mailbag”

  1. Jen Avatar

    Thank you Dylan for sharing your knowledge. I too was planning to use the teak mats (based entirely on seeing your set up) and I so appreciate the link!!

    1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

      Based on the responses so far, a lot of people have found Teak to be the answer. That’s great it’s been tested by several centers.

  2. Lance Foss Avatar
    Lance Foss

    YAY for Dylan’s mailbag!! Seeing how happy you and Sandra seemed to be, I think you would be a the perfect man to be answering relationship questions 🙂 and I love the stay salty!!! thats awesome!

    Great work on the blogs and I hope the expansion is coming along well.


    1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

      I figure eventually I’ll transition from float tank talk to all relationship advice 😉

      Thanks for the compliments guys! Stay in touch with your progress updates!

  3. Kristin Avatar

    We too use teak bath mats in our float room!

    1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

      Have you had any issues with them or do they seem to be the right fit? Also, do you put towels underneath? How is the grip against the flooring you have?

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